Wednesday, January 22, 2014


   Chord failed to remain uncut

   Lost and searching

   some are with Benefits

   Never ends in some life

    is the only thing that drives few

   Still  goes on .....

Sunday, September 25, 2011

How can i help her say good bye

It is one of the days where the rain plays a peek-a -boo with earth.

..and they walked in . He is leaving to a distance place or a place which he could come back in couple of hours. She bid her a bye with a tight hug... ,It was the moment where her lips closed on his . Throwing his last look on her he walked inside the gate .She standing on the other side waving him bye with heavy heart ,waiting for him to throw his look on her  once again before he boards the train.

I stood there with my eyes well up with water . ..

Hopefully he is not faking up with her.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Surprise !!!!!!

Happiness is not when you receive, when you gift someone and seeing them happy. This year too i surprised some one and made the person happy which inturn made me happy :).

Friday, October 29, 2010

Move on

The rain was pouring outside the window as if it was rushing into it's loved one's arms after so long..
He was sleeping next to her calmly .Lying on his chest she could hear nothing except the thud thud of his heart..

He liked her... she liked him, they talked a lot...He lightened her life bringing so much happiness...he made her laugh for no reason...

In the darkness she could see his face here and there from the shades of moon... He is sleeping without a care in the world.
Looking at him she could feel nothing ,only scared , one day he will take all the happiness from her Like the lightning which lightens the whole city for a moment and plunges into darkness again , he is going to move on leaving her life darker than before

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Showers of Love

I meet them almost everyday. Neither they speak English nor I speak Vietnamese ,

but we have Smile – first language in common

One day while we were travelling ,they called me and made me sit in between them . Old man said “My daughter Vietnam like you ” . Only then I understood why they showing so much love and how much they miss their daughter .

When it comes to the bus stop that I must get off, the old lady touches my arm

Love – Second language in common

I hope I showed the same love what they are looking for ..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wake me up when June ends

June is an imperfect month for me. Loosing everything i treasure...
May be i lost you coz u too were born on this month and i treasured you

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reminiscing School days

School days was fun .I liked everything in school - Blue uniform ,black shoes, (Un)tied hair, Friends etc … more than all I love the bicycle ride with dad , I tell him everything happened in the School ,.. but not that I was sent out of the class room .. Eventually dad came to know one day , when guy from my class ask me in front of him . Next day he stood next to me outside the class room ;)..

It was one of the days when I felt rebellious against the whole world .
I fought with my friends,
 Mrs.Hema send me out of the class room,
Dad did not come to pick me...

Too much anger on my head and weight on my back, I was walking on the road, that was then I saw him, He must be 16 or 17. I must be 8 may be little older or little younger. He was happy the day when I was not .He sang something looking at me... Immediately a word popup from my mouth and said some thing bad to him. .. He stopped his bike and waited for me to reach him. I had only two choices either run away or face it.
I decided to take the second one .I went close by...

He-”How dare you call me like that?”

Me-  “How, dare u sing at me?”

He couldn't stop laughing when I replied back.

He... “You, little one you have too much guts...”

Me- (Silent)

Only i know I was scared to death.

I kept walking, little faster than before …